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Your neighbors have to see your fence every day. You should give them something to admire. A custom designed fence can complement the unique style of your home. Many fence builders in Rowlett only offer standard fencing but, one outstanding company will work with you to design the custom fence of your dreams: Robitzsch Fence.



Fence Staining

We stain all the fences we install and we recommend using ReadySeal stain and sealer.

Automatic Gates

All our gates are framed with 2″ steel and equipped with either Liftmaster or All-O-Matic gate operators.

Chain Link

We offer 4 ft to 7 ft overall chain link fences. They are affordable and extremely durable being a galvanized product.


Our handrails hung the moon. They are fabricated my hand onsite, customized for your property. This is our only lifetime warranty product.

Wood Fences

We only use domestic western red cedar. It’s natural oils and alkali protect it from insects and rot.

Iron Work

We offer prefab and custom wrought iron fence solutions. We recommend using galvanized 2″ post for fence life longevity.

Pool Fences

Protect your’e loved ones while adding aesthetic appeal to your Rowlett home with our wrought iron pool safety fence. 

Retaining Walls

Our natural stone footers are the perfect compliment to your front yard or one of our beautiful cedar fences.

If you live in Rowlett, TX and you need a fence contractor then take a look at what Dallas Fence Company-Robitzsch Fence can do for you. For over 10 years the family owned Dallas Fence Company has served the Dallas area for all of its fencing needs. From automatic gates to chain link fences and even pool security fences, the experts at Dallas Fence Company do it all.

Whether for your home or for a commercial property, we can help you with anything you need related to fencing. Here are some of the services that this fence contractor can offer you if you live in Dallas, TX.

Why You Need Fence Staining

This Dallas based fence company offers fence staining, a process that can drastically prolong the life of your wood fence. Not only will staining your fence keep it from rotting and decaying, but it also adds beauty and shine to your fence.

The fencing contractors at Dallas Fence Company knows that any and every wooden fence should be stained every five to seven years, so if you have a fence that you bought from us 5 or so years ago then chances are that we stained it, but it’s time for a fresh coat. Give us a call and we can re-stain your fence even if it’s not one of our own fences we’d be glad to help you out.

The Benefits of Automatic Gates

It’s a known fact that homes with automatic gates are far less likely to be robbed, so add an extra sense of safety, security and privacy to your residence by adding an automatic gate to your residence. Automatic gates by Robitzsch are designed according to your tastes and are installed quickly and efficiently.

It is a fact that automatic gates increase the value of your home and the automatic gates offered by this Dallas fence contractor are some of the best looking around. With several unique designs, you will be able to find one that best represents the overall look and feel of your residence.

The beauty of the automatic gates that we offer is that they do not take up any parking space because they are designed to roll parallel to the gate support. Other fence companies that offer automatic gates offer gates that swing open. These types of swinging gates take up space and typically need more maintenance because of the strain that they put on the mechanism that swings them open.

Chain Link Fences From Your DFW Fence Contractor

For commercial properties and residential properties alike, we offer chain link fence installation. These chain link fences are durable and offer safety and security to your property.

Chain link fences need little to no maintenance, they are durable and extremely affordable.

Decorative Handrails

Consider adding a decorative handrail to your home and you will be amazed at how much beauty it will add to your home. Our custom are made from iron and need no maintenance. We specialize in creating custom hand rails based on what you want and are envisioning.

If you are a commercial and residence and are interested in having hand rails installed then I suggest doing so. As a business you are held liable for any injuries that may occur on your property. Hand rails add safety to any steps or staircases. With hand rails you can limit the risk of accidents that can happen as a result of slippery steps. This DFW fencing company prides itself in installing handrails in accordance to every safety guideline and standard.

Classic and Practical Wood Fences

It’s like the old saying goes, “good fences make good neighbors”. Wood Fences from Dallas Fence Company-Robitzsch Fence aren’t your typical run of the mill wood fences, they are installed with durability and longevity in mind. We make sure that even the nails we use will give you the maximum amount of quality possible. That being said, we use galvanized ring shank nails. We do this to prevent the nails from rusting and creating a streak down the fence.

We use only high quality, non-imported wood for our fences. We use Cedar, which is good for resisting warping, termites and rotting. We also use Spruce, which is more budget friendly and durable.

Iron Work – Beauty and Security

Beautifully designed with security in mind, iron fences from Robitzsch Fence Company are unbeatable. We allow you to speak with a designer so that you can have a real say in what your iron fence will look like.

With an iron fence custom built to your design you will be able to have a real say in how you want your home to look and feel.

Keep Your Pool Safe

Statistics from the government show that the number 1 cause of death for children in the U.S under the age of 5 is accidental drowning. We do our best to help provide a solution for that problem. Pool safety fences and gates can keep your pool a safe place throughout the whole year.

One of the most convenient aspects of our pool safety fences is that they are easily removed by adults. So if you know that you are going to have a pool party for just the grown-ups then you can remove it beforehand. After the party you can install it back.
We also offer iron pool fences that give you the feel of being at a resort. They are designed by your specifications.

This DFW Fence contractor keeps in line with every rule and guideline for pool safety so that you can rest easy even when there are kids around. You can contact our experienced fence contractors for a free quote.

Retaining Wall

Whether it be for decorative purposes or for decorative, We can install a retaining wall to the side of your house. This Dallas fence company has been installing retaining walls in the Dallas area for over ten years.

Retaining walls are commonly used to steer poor drainage in the right direction. If you are living in a home with improper drainage then you could be looking at paying a lot in the future for foundation repair. The installation of a retaining wall is a preemptive measure that one can take to ensure a safe and secure home foundation. You can have a retaining wall built with either stone, wood, brick or other materials.

If you are wanting to install a retaining wall cosmetic reasons then you’ve made a wise choice. Retaining walls can do a lot for beautifying your landscape, they can add layers to your yard which is visually stimulating. You can add extra beauty to your landscape and retaining wall by gardening flowers in them as many have been known to do.

If you feel that you need a retaining wall then contact our Dallas area fence experts and we will send out a representative to meet with you at your home so we can help you to figure out what you need, based on our expertise. We will help you to make what choice is best for you. This consultation is free.

Rowlett Fence Company – Robitzsch Fence Portfolio

*Robitzsch Fence is family owned and locally operated in Dallas. We offer our services to our neighbors. We are not part of a national chain and this is obvious in our craftsmanship.

*We never use subcontractors to perform our work. Our highly skilled construction crew is made up entirely of our trusted employees.

*Our customer service is top tier. We work hard to build trusting relationships with our clients. We help you to understand the design, construction and installation processes. When we have completed your fence, Kris Robitzsch, our owner, will personally inspect it.

*We believe in quality, affordable fencing. We have provided just that to each and every one of our clients.

*We have exceeded the expectations of several of your neighbors in Rowlett. Read through our recent customer testimonials.

*Your fence is fully guaranteed. It is easy for us to offer that guarantee because we only use the highest quality materials and most professional contractors.

*We are your complete fencing company. We design, construct and install fences. We offer repair and maintenance services. We also install retaining walls, hand rails and automatic gates.

*Robitzsch Fence is fully licensed and insured


Picket fences, pool safety fences, privacy fences, and custom designed fences


Add an automatic gate to your entrance to increase your privacy and security


A great way to add flower beds to your lawn while increasing visual impact

Robitzsch Fence is Rowlett’s preferred fence builder. We would love to offer you the best in customer service and high quality fencing. Contact us today for a complimentary estimate.